Buying a Superyacht in Queensland

Buying a Superyacht can be one of the best experiences in life. It’s a big responsibility to purchase a vessel that will last you many years to come, so you need to think carefully before you make your purchase. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


The design of the yacht was created by French designer Christophe Leoni. The yacht is reputed for its sleek exterior and stylish interior. The owner requested wood furniture and mother of pearl elements for the interior. The yacht’s interior is also rumoured to have a missile defence system.

The yacht was designed with speed in mind. It has a maximum speed of 32 knots. It is also capable of travelling across the Atlantic without refuelling. It is powered by two gas turbines and two diesel engines. It has a 4.5-meter draft. The yacht has a total weight of 13,136 tons. Its total power is 94000 horse powers.


Often hailed as the first American yacht, Cleopatra’s Barge was built in Salem, Massachusetts in 1816. She was the first purpose-built, deep-water, luxury yacht built in America. It was constructed to a design from Albert Parvin & Co., the leading naval architecture firm of the day. She was a full-bow-section, 192-ton vessel with a 12-foot beam. She carried square sails on her foremast and a fore-and-aft gaff spanker on her aftermast.


Cleopatra’s Barge is actually a replica of a graceful Egyptian barge. Its main purpose was to transport royalty. Unlike today’s high-speed superyachts, Cleopatra’s barge was built to accommodate royalty in a time when there was no such thing as air travel. Interestingly, she is also the first American yacht built specifically for cruising, a feat that would have been a farce in earlier centuries.


Gigayachts are the world’s largest yachts. They are designed to be luxurious and usually include toys such as speedboats, jet skis, and personal submarines.

The term ‘gigayacht’ is not necessarily used by yacht builders or manufacturers. Typically, superyacht marina in Gold Coast with a portfolio of 24m or larger yachts will refer to their vessels as’superyachts’.


There are several reasons for this. One is that, in most cases, the term is merely a marketing ploy. Another reason is that the term “gigayacht” is not commonly used by the mainstream media. However, it’s not hard to imagine why.


The first and arguably most famous ‘gigayacht’ was the 146m El Mahrousa, which was delivered to Samuda Brothers in 1885. If modern standards were applied, El Mahrousa would certainly qualify as a gigayacht.


Whether you are a charterer or an owner, your crew is an important part of the yacht’s personality. A well-trained crew will perform their duties to the highest standards.

The crew of a yacht can include up to 15-20 people. Each person has a title and a specific responsibilities. These may vary depending on the size of the yacht and the level of service the owner desires. In many cases, the steward and purser are the same person.


A skipper is the leader of the yacht and will direct the crew. He or she will perform all duties on board, including navigation, preparing meals and cleaning the yacht.

Other crew members will help across the different areas of the yacht. This includes deckhands, who will work on the yacht’s rigging and machinery, and chefs, who will prepare meals and canapes.



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